I -Senses relating to philosophical speculation or intellectual abstraction.


a. Of, belonging to, or of the nature of metaphysics; such as is recognized by metaphysics. Also more generally: transcendental, philosophical.

b. depreciative. Of reasoning, ideas, etc.: excessively subtle or abstract.

c. Based on abstract general reasoning; determined a priori or on theoretical principles.

d. Philos. In the philosophy of Wittgenstein and the logical positivists: (of an entity or proposition) not empirically verifiable.

2. Of persons or their attributes: having an inclination towards or interest in metaphysics; suited to the study of metaphysics.


a. Literary Criticism.

b. Fine Art.


Other senses relating more generally to things which are immaterial, imaginary, preternatural, or supernatural.


a. Designating that which is immaterial, incorporeal, or supersensible (esp. in explicit contrast to physical).

b. Surpassing what is natural or ordinary; extraordinary, transcendent

c. That is above or goes beyond the laws of nature; belonging to an operation or agency which is more than or other than physical or natural; supernatural.

d. Christian Science. Designating a healer who uses non-physical means to cure physical illnesses; also applied to such methods of healing.

5. Fanciful, fantastic, imaginary

Definitions of metaphysical courtesy of OED